• Standard: size 185cm x 60cm
  • Standard comfort: size 185cm x 60cm, mat
  • Premium: size 230cm x 70cm
  • Premium comfort: size 230cm x 70cm, mat
  • Premium: straw umbrella 220cm in diameter, 2 premium comfort beach lounger, safe-deposit box, small table
  • Standard Comfort: straw umbrella 180cm in diameter, 2 standard comfort beach lounger, safe-deposit box
  • Standard: straw umbrella 180cm in diameter, 2 standard beach lounger
  • Palmette: straw umbrella 220cm in diameter, 4 standard beach lounger
  • Canopy: 220cm side length, bed 220cm, 4 standard beach loungers
  • Big Lounger: straw umbrella 220cm in diameter, bed 220cm, 4 standard beach loungers
  • Straw umbrella 400cm in diameter
  • 8 premium comfort beach loungers
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Small table


  • Disability assistance
  • Beach Wheelchair
  • Beach towel
  • Flops
  • Swimsuit for her or him

Transfers to and from accommodation facilities in the province of Lecce, Taranto and Brindisi